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family The Dye family is considered by many to be “America’s First Family of Golf.”  The Dyes’ contributions have become an integral part of the history and tradition of golf course design and construction.  All members of the Dye family have contributed their unique talents and knowledge to the improvement of the game.  Pete, Alice and their sons Perry and P.B. have placed the “Dye” name on over 200 courses around the world.

For generations, the Dye family has had a deep respect for the traditions of the game of golf.  The blending of tradition with innovation in design has been noteworthy in their award winning golf projects.

In 1998, the Dye family was awarded “Family of the Year Award” by The Metropolitan Golf Writers Association and “Golf Family of the Year” by the National Golf Foundation.  All of the Dye family are members of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, the only golfing family to hold that distinction.

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