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P.B. Dye

pb Born in 1955, P.B. (Paul Burke) Dye is the youngest son of Pete and Alice Dye.

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, father, mother, and brother, P.B. has been “moving dirt” for as long as he can remember. Like his father’s creations, his courses often include railroad ties, pot bunkers, and island greens. Embracing ‘The Dye Way’ — a personal commitment to “roll-up your sleeves” hard work and quality, he has no office, staff, or overhead and often lives on job sites, designing and building courses himself. For his signature course, he spent over 120 days on-site, climbing on the bulldozer along with his crew to build the P.B. Dye Golf Club.

A non-stop storyteller and talker, P.B has always been a free spirit who never wears a wrist watch or looks at a calendar. Called a natural-born wizard on a tractor, P.B. is well-known to have aimed a bulldozer into the woods to begin his 30-plus courses which are mostly located in the eastern half of the country. In addition to the P.B. Dye Golf Club, his other acclaimed designs include The Honors Course in Tennessee, Fisher Island in Florida, and the Legends Club Moorland Course in South Carolina.

Maintaining two residences, P.B. follows the golf season, living in Ohio during the summer and in Florida during the winter with frequent visits to the family compound in the Dominican Republic. He graduated from the University of Tampa in 1980 and is fluent in Spanish.

In 1998, the National Golf Foundation named the Dyes as the Golf Family of the Year. Grinning, P.B. claims, “My whole family is crazy… I just happen to like our insanity!” Fittingly, his favorite bumper sticker reads, “My other car is a bulldozer.”

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